Costs of drainage


The cost of good drainage will vary in every paddock and soil type we drain due to many factors like;
Is there an outfall or does there need to be an open drain dug to get the outfall?
What type of soil is being drained? is it heavy black soils where it needs to be installed more intensely or open ironstone based soil where drains spacing can be opened up? 
Is the area flat and require a grid drainage scheme or is it wet gullies where targeted drainage is effective?
What is the intended land use once drained? Is it pasture production or intensive horticulture?
How far from reliable gravel source and what price can that be purchased for?
All these factors and more will dictate the cost of any drainage whether it is surface or subsurface drainage, so it is difficult to give an exact figure on this website, however as a guide you can expect to spend between $2000-$3000 per hectare on grid type drainage. Of course all drainage works are 100% Tax deductible and from our experience 90% of all jobs get their money back in the initial year of installation so the next 30 years of drainage are cost free. For more on costing and returns please request a brochure or a free farm visit.

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